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Did you know that 77% of organizations report that they are experiencing leadership gaps? ​

A large majority of companies are struggling to find people who can lead, whether they are hiring from within or sourcing external talent pools. ​​

The Communication Strategist exists to close the leadership gap through transformative interventions. ​

Closing the gap begins by aligning the skills and capabilities of leaders and the teams they influence to the organizational strategy. ​

Closing the gap means putting leadership development at the forefront at each level not just mid and senior level leaders. ​​

Dorothy Enriquez is the principal consultant and founder of The Communication Strategist (TCS). She has spent the last 15 years leveraging leadership and personal development to transform leaders and businesses from the inside out. ​​

When we communicate clearly, we unlock the power of progress, relationship and results.

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Through the lens of the teams that we support and are part of, let's explore how leadership development can transform individuals, teams and cultures. ​

An engaged team is an effective team. A cohesive team is a more efficient one. And a high performing team achieves results. When we are engaged, we feel safe and like we belong, we do our best work. We understand how our contribution impacts the bottom line and impacts the overall strategy. We are a team. ​

Intentional leadership development goes beyond fluff and fun and instead dives in to explore:

We offer signature workshops, custom and turn-key solutions and coaching. We bring education & entertainment (edutainment), theory and practice to her interactive learning experiences. We have helped 100's of teams navigate the stages of team development to foster learning, growth and results.

Closing the Leadership Gap Through Transformative Interventions​

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Augment the confidence, self esteem and passions of leading women through the art and science of communication and leadership


To be the premier destination for leadership development and coaching

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Boys & Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee ​

The Y ​​

Movida Solutions ​

​ The City of Milwaukee ​​

Apartment Owners and Managers Association (AOMA) ​​

African American Chamber of Commerce Wisconsin ​​

The Milwaukee Urban League- YP ​​

Wisconsin African American Lawyer Association (WAAL) ​​

Rockwell Automation: AAPN

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